Vessel dissolvers

GlobimiX® vessel dissolvers are equipped with advanced, easy-to-use control systems using buttons, dials, and a touch panel or computer for maximum operating comfort. GlobimiX® dissolvers are manufactured depending on the version for vessels from 30 to 1200 liters with capacities from 4 to 132 kW.

GlobimiX® dissolvers can be optionally equipped with propeller, turbine, butterfly, Lenart disc, double dispersing discs, and frame-anchor systems, depending on the intended use. 

We base our control systems on leading European suppliers and can ensure the reliability of our products backed by a minimum two-year warranty.

GlobimiX® dissolvers can be optionally equipped with a disc oscillation function, which means vertical movement of the rotating disc, even under vacuum. We can also provide vacuum degassing systems, as well as weighing systems.

Optional equipment

  • Disc oscillation function
  • Vacuum degassing systems
  • Weighing systems
  • Scraper functions

The most common use of vessel dissolvers

GlobimiX® vessel dissolvers are used in the production of such things as:

  • paints, varnishes, enamels, and emulsions
  • anti-corrosion products
  • adhesives, putties, and silicones
  • renders and complementary products
  • liquids, shampoos, pastes
  • creams, inks and nail polish
  • makeup products
  • plant protection and insecticides products
  • fungicides
  • microbiological products
  • dispersed drugs
  • gel coats
  • dispersion stiffening coatings
  • and more

Examples of vessel dissolvers implementation