Reactors are used in many formulations and production technologies as the main elements of chemical products manufacturing. They involve chemical reactions which must be carried out and controlled in a well-defined way in the production process.

The key and foremost task of globimiX® reactors is to ensure full production traceability and repeatability by providing high-quality certified materials, as well as machining and welding processes. Furthermore, advanced control systems and customized software are our customers’ guarantee of meeting production requirements, systemization, repeatability, and optimized process times.

GlobimiX® reactors are successfully used for the syntheses and reactions at temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius, with a temperature stabilization accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees. Process pressures of up to 0.4MPa, working volumes of 6m3, and mixing drives with infinitely variable speed control make it possible to meet the requirements of most production processes. The control and regulation system monitors the process and archives key operating parameters.

Examples of globimiX reactor implementation