Our brands

The TEJA® brand was established in 1994 as a company engaged in manufacture and repair of industrial equipment, including mixers for the needs of businesses related to the paint industry. The name comes from the first names of the co-founders of PPUiH TEJA Ltd. The brand was previously reserved in the EU, Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

With the expansion of production in 2014, the globimiX® brand was also reserved in the EU and Ukraine. The name comes from the words “glob” and “mix’, and the distinctive X resembles mixing tools.

Our dissolvers are available in two electric versions – TEJA® dissolvers with classic, easy-to-use button control and display, and globimiX® dissolvers adapted for use in process lines and equipped with buttons and a touch control panel.

Registered trademarks

OHIM, Ukrpatent
Rospatent, Ukrpatent