Due to the continuous development of solutions and increasing requirements for chemical products, the micronization of finished products in the dissolvers is sometimes insufficient. In such a situation, it is necessary to use a mill to meet product requirements.

GlobimiX® mills allow the grinding of particles with micronization above 25µm to a level of about 5µm or less [1].

In addition to the mills themselves, globimiX® provides selection and adjustment of peripheral devices such as circulating pumps, product pumps, product feed systems, coolers and chillers for cooling circuits, and circulating pumps for the cooling medium.

In preparation are innovative ways of collecting heat from the mills, which are being developed in cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Technology. The mills and peripheral devices are selected individually and adjusted to the requirements of a specific process according to the presented parameters.

[1] In conditions of maintaining a sufficiently long grinding time and appropriate operating parameters

Examples of globimiX mills implementation