Planetary mixers

GlobimiX® planetary mixers are available in 3 to 1200 l capacity and can be equipped with a vacuum venting system.

Thanks to the interchangeable tools of the planetary mixers, we can create unique mixing systems. Available tools include paddles, butterfly, mixers, and sigma tools.

Planetary mixers can be equipped with temperature measurement.

Optional equipment

  • Vacuum degassing systems
  • Mixing tools such as paddles, butterfly, mixers and sigma tools
  • Temperature measurement

The most common use of planetary mixers

GlobimiX® planetary mixers are used in the production of:

  • silicone
  • acrylic masses and adhesives
  • polyurethane masses and adhesives
  • polysulfide masses
  • masses with increased viscosities from 200,000 cP and above
  • polymer masses
  • masses with increased filling with loose material

Examples of planetary mixers implementation.